Poster Edged Portraits

  • $45.00

Posterized/Poster Edged Portraits are here!


 What are they?

How is this different from my other works?


This is a edit of your pet's photo using filters and of course my artistic touch!  I enhance with my art skills like coloring, eyes and nose and shading to bring out the best ♥

How is this different from other works like this?

It has my artistic spin on this style ♥ Enjoy!


 ♥ I can add up to 3 pets in a canvas ♥

* Please be sure to upload a high resolution image.

 * Do not worry, If for any reason your photo wont work I will ask you for more

 *More background options in the future

 Email  additional photos to


If your photo does not work I will contact you for a better one.