About Me


I am trained in traditional Fine Arts. After high school and college,I decided to venture into the realm of digital painting and got a Wacom tablet. Loving the beauty of animals and the joy they bring people, I began to paint various animals. From ravens to horses and even some reptiles.


One day on social media I read about a puppy named Bruno and it touched my heart. He sustained injuries and needed help. Bruno was being cared for by Castaway Pet Rescue and they were trying to raise funds for his ongoing care. Desperately wanting to help I thought of a unique way to raise funds for him. Being a “starving artist” at that point and not in a position to help him financially I thought I could help him using my talents and my Wacom. I decided to make a digital pet portrait of Bruno for the rescue. Thinking that the rescue could then auction it off to raise funds for his care. The idea was a success and was the catalyst for the idea of making portraits of people’s pets.


Today I make a living doing pet portraits. It has allowed me to continue to use my work to help rescues in various creative ways.  A puppy named Bruno needing help got me started doing pet portraits for a living. Every day I get to do what I love and give back to help the animals I love to paint.