Art That Gives Back

I am an artist and I help rescues raise much needed funds through Art.




Coloring Books For Rescues

Books can be digital or physical. If you want physical books you are in charge of the cost and producing physical copies. Digital is best since there is no extra cost to you and buyers can print at home and color at their leisure.

For physical books rescues can either buy per page ($9) -->

You can upload images there as well or send them to me in Facebook messenger or email.


I can make a 10-15 page book (FREE OF CHARGE) and sell on my shop online and donate a % of each book sold to the rescue. This option is a digital only. So buyers purchase and I email buyers the pages to print and color. I am willing to submit a proof of donation upon request. I donate once a week via your sites donate section which is usually via PayPal.

Pages can include your adoptables, alumni and rescue fan favorites!


Please email me at for more info and to collaborate. 


Pet Portrait Auctions 

Option #2 is Pet Portrait Auctions (On Facebook or Instagram)

Auctions are free to the rescue.

  • The rescue gets 40% of the highest (Winning bid)
  • People Bid in the comments
  • Winner gets 11x14 one animal pet portrait
  • I handle all shipping and handling and the winner pays the shipping fee

Here are some I did in the past  Bella Reed Rescue.

Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue


Please email me at for more info and to collaborate.